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© 2020  |  Navigate360, LLC  |  All Rights Reserved


Complete the form below to authorize the migration of your tips to P3.
P3 Migration Consent Form
Not Applicable to All New P3 Accounts.  We provide data migration services to move historical data from TipSoft to P3. This is no small task and can only be reasonably done one time. Once we do your migration you must insure the following things. 1 – Notify your call center and be certain they understand to immediately cease sending you tips via TipSoft and to begin sending you tips via P3. 2 – Modify all webtip links that are in use anywhere on the web to utilize the P3 webtip form. These links will be on your own site and possibly others. Do not forget to notify TipSoft support to disable your webtip link in the public drill-down located at tipsubmit.com. 3 – Notify TipSoft support to disable your SMS text tip keyword so you do not continue to get those. AGAIN, WE ONLY DO MIGRATIONS ONCE SO IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ONCE YOU GIVE US THE GO-AHEAD TO MIGRATE YOUR DATA THAT NO DATA CONTINUES TO COME IN VIA TIPSOFT AND YOU MUST SOLELY UTILIZE P3 FROM THEN FORWARD. WE CANNOT GO BACK AND DO THESE MIGRATIONS OVER AGAIN AFTER THE FACT JUST BECAUSE YOU MAY HAVE FAILED TO TAKE CARE OF THE ABOVE ITEMS. Data migration and synchronization becomes a huge problem if you have been working in P3 and then come back a month or two later asking us to re- migrate your data you have continued to get through TipSoft. Subsequent migrations will incur a fee of $300. By completing the form below you consent that you understand the above and that you grant Navigate360 Software permission to access your TipSoft account for the purpose of obtaining your data for migration purposes.
P3 Global Intel is now part of the Navigate360 family. Read More
P3 Global Intel is now part of the Navigate360 family.  Read More 
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